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Alan B



Great alternative to building a wall in backyard. Takes up a small area in garage and tears down easily if you need it to travel to a tournament. I bought a bag from sailboat supplier that was designed to store sails. Perfect size to fit the broken down pvc backboard for travel. Try downloading a free boxing timer app on your phone and see how many rounds you can log!
The Greatbase Backboard is “My go to Gift “ for players worthy of additional tools that will assist in their progression.


Andy Fitzell



Excellent for stroke development. Easy assembly. We used this for teaching a tennis clinic for juniors. They seemed to enjoy it and quickly started rallying balls with each other. We used activities from the Great Base Backboard website. Videos on that website are very informative.


Jhon Doe


Solid training rebounder. Helped my kids practice at home daily. Helps to get ready for the ball quickly and do a full swing. Seller/owner of the company who makes the product is also very helpful.