5 Reasons You Need an All-in-1 Backboard?


It’s the most affordable tennis partner you’ll ever have.

  • Coaches want to share information, not supervise what you should be working on at home.

  • Don’t waste the coach’s time. Coaches have a wealth of information to share but often get stuck teaching and reviewing the same thing over and over. When the player can practice what they were taught at home, instead of teaching the same lesson over and over, the coach can quickly review and move on to different lessons. The All in 1 Backboard investment will last years. Tennis players will have an ever-ready tennis partner that will provide the repetition needed for players to OWN the information their coach has taught.

  • Practicing on the backboard 15 minutes a day, averages out to about 90 hours a year on the backboard. The backboard more than pays for itself in one year and is built to last much longer than 1 year. It is the most cost-effective practice partner who won’t get sick and sessions won’t expire.

Time in the Game

  • Players need time in the game, time hitting ball after ball. Thousands of hours repeating their technique and striking the ball correctly. Though the backboard does lend itself to improving technique (it forces the user to lift), it’s purpose really shines in being able to provide a tennis player to hit thousands of balls anytime and anywhere.

  • Solo Stationary drills to advanced group dynamic drills and everything in between.

  • “Somewhere in the world there is somebody practicing more than you, and when you meet them on the court . . . they will beat you.”  - Steve Smith?


Compared to Regular Backboard

  • We love backboards! Building a wooden or cement wall in the backyard is still recommended for any serious tennis athlete. However, not everyone has the space, time, or money to do that. Even if you can build a wall, the All in 1 backboard still has its place in your home/garage/basement. It provides the ability to play in a small area. Due to the design, the player can stand very close to the backboard.

  • More features than a regular wall. With adjustable angles, and 2 serve aids, and a rebound net that has two different settings. The All in 1 backboard is flat out more versatile than a regular wall.

  • Unlike a regular backboard - the tarp side of the All in 1 Backboard, a player can swing as fast as they would like and the ball will still come back at the same pace. This allows players a great opportunity to really concentrate on what they need to and still have the ability to “hit out”. A player can also hit the rebound net like a regular wall when it’s in the 90-degree setting. There are also settings to lower and higher the bounce of the ball using the trampoline. The All in 1 Backboard was not created to replace a regular backboard but to create more opportunities for a player to improve their level.

Compared to Ball Machines

  • Ball machines are great! The downsides are that you need a court and you are left with many balls to pick up between each session. With the All in 1 Backboard, a player just needs one ball and can play anywhere. Not to mention you don’t have to deal with power chords or dead batteries.


Compared to Rebounders

  • Many rebounders are flimsy or single purpose, the All in 1 Backboard brings the best together in 1 single unit. This allows the player to effortlessly switch from one drill to another without clutter of multiple apparatuses. Our net is heavy duty and reinforced with steel. You can throw a light medicine ball on it and use it as a fitness station. The possibilities are endless.

Affordable and convenient practice to hit the thousands of balls that are necessary to become a player.

Would you spend $150 a year for 5 years for unlimited practice time?

100,000 balls without leaving your house and doesn’t expire in one hour.