Tennis Backboard

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The All-In-One Tennis Training Backboard is Developed for all skill levels, training environments, and coaching needs.

Tennis Backboard

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Whether you are looking to learn the game, improve, or play competitively. . . the All in 1 Backboard, the only patented tennis training device, that allows you to practice every single shot (ground-strokes, volleys, overheads, and serves) from the convenience of your home. The three secrets to tennis are practice, practice, and practice. The All in 1 team is continually updating drill videos to support your tennis journey.

We created a comprehensive backboard that is ALL IN. No more excuses.

Take Your Training to the Next Level

Easy to Move and Store

All-Terrain wheels allows for easy transport, folds for better storage.

Solo or Simultaneous Play

Train alone, in pairs, or as a team!

Train Every Skill Set

Ground strokes, volleys, overheads, serves and more.

Play Anywhere/Anytime

Backyard, garage, driveway - train anywhere rain or shine!


Tennis Backboard

"Imagine a kid taking piano lessons and not having a piano at home. Repetition is the mother of skill. The All in 1 Backboard is your tennis piano." 

Steve Smith

GreatBase Tennis Founder

Tennis Backboard

Take Your Training to the Next Level


Ground Strokes

Perfect ground strokes using all three backboard stations.

  • Adjustable rope for contact point.

  • Front Side (tarp) for dynamic training.

  • Backside (rebounder) for control and situational drills.



Become a better net player by improving volleys and overheads .

  • adjustable static contact point

  • 25 degree net setting for volleys

  • 90 degree net setting for overheads



The first shot, most important shot, and sometimes the only shot - serve.

  • Front(tarp) can withstand 130mph serves

  • adjustable static contact point

  • 25 degree net setting allows for some fun and effective serving/situational drills









* order separately

Why the All in 1 Backboard?

The Backboard . . .

. . . never misses.

. . . never loses.

. . . doesn't show up late

. . . never talks back

. . . doesn't complain

. . . is the best kept secret for one to improve

The Backboard is a must!


Go All-In With Us!


Training anytime from home

Coaches and Trainers

Add variety to your training regimine

Private Tennis Clubs

Add value for your members

School Teams

Take warm-ups and teamwork to the next level

Coaches, Private Clubs, and Schools, inquire about partnerships!

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